Honey Pie

title: “HONEYMOONERS” photo by frizztext, click on the image (a link)!
me fingerpicking HONEY PIE as instrumental on my acoustic guitar for my soundcloud:

Honey pie, you are making me crazy – I’m in love but I’m lazy – so won’t you please come home. – Oh honey pie, my position is tragic – come and show me the magic – of your Hollywood song…” lyrics and music by THE BEATLES
a much better guitarist is Adrian Holovaty,
playing in Chicago a fascinating Gypsy version of the BEATLES tune:

Wordmark of The Beatles, originally painted di...

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19 responses to “Honey Pie

  1. tenerissimi!!!!
    very tender!
    the music….is good! :-)

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  2. Lovely and is this your dog?

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    • we had such a dog (English sheep dog / Bobtail); but he died from cancer; as I saw this dog in Belgium married to a little cat, I got very sad – and I was a little bit confused irritated about what I’ve read about re-birthing …

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  3. This is wonderful! Love the shinny guitar and the tour.

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  4. lovely pair, Frizztext. love the shiny guitar, and is that your home? great greens!

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  5. Enjoyed the cat and dog photo today.

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  6. Ah now that takes me back to the days when I could still actually play the guitar – I lost the knack somewhere along the way but i can still play Blackbird – also on my favourite Beatles album (Maybe I’ll pick it up again when I retire!)

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  7. wow
    i like the music…

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  8. Frizz, LOVE you wife’s decorating. Also always enjoy your dobro photos, no matter who is playing. BUT, the wonderful dog and cat under the “honeymooning” title of this post is just too purrrrfect!

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  9. Thanks for sharing your wonderful world with us, I love your wife’s house interior design, full of love and joy in the house. I like your gold guitar and you play it real good!
    Enjoy your weekdays :)

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  10. Impressive guitar playing. I just love the photo – such a cute yet unlikely pair. They seem intrigued with the photographer.

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  11. Love that vase on top of the bookshelf. You did a nice job together. ;-)

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  13. Beautiful sound and lovely home.

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