Will the circle be unbroken

The gap between rich and poor is getting larger every year. Every year we have some war or terrorism on the globe. Health care gets more and more expensive or not available. The “Occupy Wall Street” movement tries to stop the inhuman power of some financial systems. Several youth revolts in Europe and Arabia tried to organize more democracy. “Will the circle be unbroken” of bad, unbreakable conditions in many nations? CHANGE – YES WE CAN? Or do we have to wait like the Christian gospel lyrics say: “There’s a better home awaiting – in the sky, Lord, in the sky…”
photo of circle sign by frizztext; click on the image to enter his flickr photo stream
will the circle be unbroken?

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18 responses to “Will the circle be unbroken

  1. we can change it frizztext!


  2. The gap is sad. We must change the world.


  3. And I sought for a man among them who should build up the
    wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I
    should not destroy it; but I found none.
    —EZEKIEL 22:30

    We are all called to stand in the gap – to make a difference


  4. I certainly hope not! Margie


  5. There is always hope, but only God knows what the future holds. It’s pretty scary out there these days, isn’t it? Great post!!


  6. Hope in itself is powerless. Hope helped in any way stands a chance: But what is that way has been the mystery, the arcane, the great forbidden.


  7. I believe we can change.
    I listened to this TEDtalk which says much more eloquently than I can say about the urgent need to enter into dialogue. To learn how to Talk to each other.


  8. Sometimes though I think that human instinct is still driven basically by an animal instinct to collect, establish territory, and consume. Maybe the system is this way because most people subconsciously support it. We support the idea of a pyramid because each one hopes to be on the top someday. Democracy, equality, refraining from what we don’t need, are unnatural to our base instincts.


    • dear Rita Banerji in Calcutta,
      I hope for you and your great political project vs. the killing of female human beings in INDIA – dowry death – that there will be more democracy and equal rights for women in the future. From Gaddafi to Berlusconi etc. – pyramide – hierarchical – structures disappear step by step. Last example: a macho idiot crashed his cruise ship on ground in Italy. His girl by his side commented later on: the passengers stood there like a crowd of sheep, they did not act, they waited an hour – frizzcomment: let’s leave those patient crowds …
      greetings from Germany, ruled by president, who is supported by many Lobbyists – no media has the power to correct this structure actually – of course, there are worse things: Syria …


  9. If we speak as one, the way we did against cencorship on the 18th of this month, we CAN break the circle of injustic and inequity. Thank you SO MUCH for this much-needed post here today.


  10. Optimistic by nature, I think it’s: …”in the sky, Lord, in the sky”!


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  12. I’m not so sure it can…. but we can believe and act with faith…


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