September Eleven Discussion


1 – frizztext
Nine Eleven changed:

politics and emotions,
magazine essays and small talks,
military budgets and death toll stats.
Changed the level of angst and aggression.
Result: less multiculturalism, more hate.
Who will put an end to the clash of civilizations?
Nobel Prize for HIM.

As a tribute to September Eleven attack 10th anniversary
some friends of my photo pool created some textured versions
of my helicopter flight shot of the World Trade Center
BEFORE the attack …
texture: crows by JO, Norwich, England
twin towers
This photo originally was taken on July 24, 1996 by Frizztext

my comment to a post by
dear Ben, you wrote: “9/11 was used as an excuse to invade Iraq and brought the U.S. close to bankruptcy. Financially, because wars cost a lot of money. Morally, after the disgrace of Abu Ghraib and the machinations surrounding the weapons of mass destruction. Also part of the legacy of 9/11 was the further polarization between the Western and the Arab world, a polarization by migration across the way most Western countries runs itself…” I continue: After ten years we are still not safe. In the contrary, the tensions are stronger than before …
I agree to
3 – “B.” who comments the photo of Ben Visbeek::
“How can American’s say that they are the smart ones, the ones who see things with intelligence; when 97% of it’s population supports a war that has no positive outcomes except to bankrupt the U.S. financial system? The math is quite easy to see. You take $1.4 trillion dollars (the actual cost per year of U.S. war) and multiply that by 8. Yes, eight, as in EIGHT years of war and you get $11.2 trillion dollars already spent on something that was really a waste from the start. Admittingly, I have lost all interest and faith in politics because it was Obama who promised to end these two wars. Uh, he did not …”

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