Armed drones, canon balls, swords

there were kings
photo by Caroline sent to my group BLOG IT!

The photographer, Caroline, commented: “In Stavanger, Norway, at the coast, there has been a battle by 3 kings a long long time ago. To remember this, they placed 3 huge swords. The battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872, when Harald Hårfagre (Fairheaded Harald) united Norway into one kingdom.”
frizz-comment about the history of weapon technology and military engineering goals: We know, the military nowadays believes, that the best weapons are the fastest flying weapons. At first they switched from sword to spear or (already better) to bow and arrow. Then they changed to canon balls, later to guns. Then they built airplanes, soon long distance rockets. But the fastest weapon now adays is the information! The informations by German television produced the fall of the BERLIN wall 1989, the iron curtain disappeared and the two Germanies could join without any blood-shed. Nice for me, my mother lived in East Germany, me in the West. Informations are faster than military technology: Actually in Arabian nations handy phone videos uploaded to youtube. We hope the best for the Arab youth revolt, longing for democracy. Maybe one day free-thinkers have to suffer no harm in China or Iran. But one thing is very clear: there many decades is PEACE in Norway …

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