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An abandoned Christian chapel = a sublime metaphorical message to support an old fashioned morality? Maybe you like to read my latest discussions in my wordpress blog related to the attack of Islamism in Paris
about me: I once wrote a book about the perseverance of the philosophers, introduced Montaigne and Spinoza, Kant and Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, Camus and Adorno etc. – and so it is not a big surprise, that I started to examine the impact of religions in different societies…
some of my reader’s comments at

N Linscott: “The nature of all religions dredges up hate, subjugation and continuous friction even between sects of the same religion…”

My tropical home: …every organised religion is a culture of submission and subjugation, depending on where you stand and look at it. Even my own “Christianity”…

Patti Kuche: It is my firm opinion that man created God in order to keep women in their places.

Rita Banerji: I criticize all the religions impact on women in “Sex and Power” including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism!

iceman: often Religion is a tool for submission, related to the use of violence and weapons. But initially, religion, whatever the name, is a response to questions.

P. Cardin: FALSE RELIGIONS do indeed conjure up hate and error, but the one correct religion, CATHOLICISM, does not.

Tish Farrell: “… when the bounds of the personal are broken to enforce these beliefs on others, then this is not acceptable…”

thirdeyemom: “when people use their religion to justify killing, treating women poorly …, it is just plain old wrong. I am surprised more Muslims aren’t speaking out against the extremism growing within their religion…”

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