Islam as culture of subjugation

Discussing the attack in Paris vs. Charlie Hebdo the scientist Necla Kelek said in a TV talk show, that the Islam is a culture of submission, subjugation…

related: the German talkshow @maischberger:
Subjugation is a problem in EVERY religion. More atheists should be invited into TV-talk-shows…
me, commenting al-Qaida’s responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack:
Islam is a culture of subjugation – even using violence

about me: I once wrote a book about the perseverance of the philosophers, introduced Montaigne and Spinoza, Kant and Schopenhauer, Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, Camus and Adorno etc. – and so it is not a big surprise, that I started to examine the impact of religions in different societies…

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17 responses to “Islam as culture of subjugation

  1. The nature of all religions dredges up hate, subjugation and continuous friction even between sects of the same religion. You would think that mankind would have learned by now that religion is a major cause of all the earth’s woes. Here we are in the 21st century and the world is polarized in opinions, religion and direction all caused by a unsubstantiated belief that there is a God who must be defended to attain life after death. Atheists think, view all sides and analyze situation by facts not beliefs based on fact less fables. Anything that is asserted without evidence, I dismiss without evidence. Atheists are not given the same credence due to religion’s portrayal of non-believers as the devil. If you stand back and examine the world’s bickering, wars and cruelty, organized religion is the main cause.

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    • thank you for: “The nature of all religions dredges up hate, subjugation and continuous friction even between sects of the same religion. You would think that mankind would have learned by now that religion is a major cause of all the earth’s woes…”


  2. My Tropical Home

    Didn’t get to watch the link, internet too slow, but I would say every organised religion is a culture of submission and subjugation, depending on where you stand and look at it. Even my own “Christianity”. Evil is in the world and does not respect religion. Evil will do as it pleases. Only Love can overcome it. Just my humble opinion 😉 Loved the painting there.

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    • thank you for: …every organised religion is a culture of submission and subjugation, depending on where you stand and look at it. Even my own “Christianity”…
      I liked the photo of Marji Lang, shot during a feminist demonstration in Paris:
      The Passion, Paris

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  3. It is my firm opinion that man created God in order to keep women in their places.

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    • for sure women all over the world are very near to the insight, that many religions produce too much ideas, how men can oppress women. One of my favorite thinkers is Rita Banerji, Calcutta, a feminist who criticizes the disregard vs. women in the societies. She got her first knowledges during her studies in the USA, later she wrote the book SEX & POWER. In Germany we have the famous feminist Alice Schwarzer. She criticized the Islamists very often. Worked in her youth in France.


      • I criticize all the religions impact on women in “Sex and Power” including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism! Recently I wrote an article for Huffington Post on early Hindu texts sanctioning female genocide. And, yes it is not popular!

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  4. Patti has a good point.

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  5. This event made me restart the blog (… in french but I hope you can translate the last post, it will have some interests), another way….:(
    I’m not sure to understand what you wanted to say. Of course, often Religion is a tool for submission, related to the use of violence and weapons. But initialy, religion, whatever the name, is a response to questions. Some believed it a volcano god, gods in the trees, in animal spirits… But there’s always a powerful man in the center of that to tell what he says the speak of god.
    Nowadays, our god is different. It can be money …. It can be leisure and ads. But even atheists are looking for answers. Some are enough intelligent to find it their way.

    France is still shocked and every one tells some stupid things (I’m a good example, don’t you find 😉 ) But I can’t let someone Islam is a religion of submission, because, as you said, every religion can be that. Now it’s the turn of Islam to be in the focus but look at in history and other countries and you will find the same examples. They don’t need burqas…And for some women, this is a mean to protect themselves from men agression.

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    • yes, D,. every religion has had in the history problems with violence and hate, suppression and fight vs. enlightenment – and the typical victims. One of my ancestors had awful trouble with the Catholic church in medieval times (but a just founded secular justice won in a witchcraft trial vs. the idiotism of the Catholic church). Actually Islamism is in the focus. Below, what I painted about the witchcraft trials…
      a witchcraft trial


  6. FALSE RELIGIONS do indeed conjure up hate and error, but the one correct religion, CATHOLICISM, does not.

    Ms Banerji makes the mistake all hard-core feminists make — they can’t make distinctions.

    It is POLITICALLY CORRECT to declare all religions are … (whatever), but that generalization isn’t accurate.

    That’s just sloppy analysis. Marxist ideology needs victims and oppressor groups to start murderous revolutions, or in the case of feminists, to kill unborn children in the womb! The foundation of feminism is Marxism.

    Radical feminists are THOROUGHLY brainwashed when they compare Christian abuse of women —equally— to that which occurs in Islamic, tribal, or Eastern cultures. Get real.

    In Catholicism (the AUTHENTIC, DIVINELY SANCTIONED CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST), the evil (sometimes notorious) and the saints live side by side because Jesus condemned righteousness groups. The wheat and chaff, according to Jesus, are to grow together — until the harvest (Judgment Day) when the good are rewarded and the rebels are damned to everlasting physical and mental anguish. Everyone gets what they chose. So, because of this scenario we have some evil folk inside the Church (homosexual predators, pedophiles, money grubbers, false crusaders, etc.) that will do damage to society both now and have done so in the past. But our sins, the sins of the Church are NOTHING when you reflect on the sins of autonomic radical fem-bots spread through modern society like a rabid cancer preaching dissension, and murder, with every breath.

    RADICAL FEMINISM has thoroughly brainwashed contemporary women and society and thus ruined non-Catholic families worldwide. It has destroyed the peace of the family. Selfish, thoughtless, individualism destroys familial interdependence.

    I repeat, radical feminism, by pitting women against their children (the demands of your children stand in the way of your progress), women against their husbands (the demands of your husband stand in the way of your happiness), and women against society (what society expects of you stands in the way of your goals, etc, bullshit) ALIENATES women from everything, including a woman’s vary nature.

    Not only has RADICAL FEMINISM murdered more INNOCENT PEOPLE than all political or religious errors combined (Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Islam, etc.) it has achieved this ‘goal’ in less than 40 years.

    But … let’s compare shall we.


    A husband and wife have their own children, then one of the spouses has an affair and gets pregnant. A fairly regular occurrence in society.

    The woman in distress goes to a Planned Parenthood (business actualized by feminist ideology) to discuss her worries. A clinic worker there tells her to have an abortion, to kill the child, no one will know.

    The woman (not even a Catholic) still in distress, goes to a Catholic priest and tells him of her pregnancy, and the ‘advice’ of Planned Parenthood. The priest tells her you must not punish the unborn child for the transgression of the adults. They did evil, they were unfaithful, marital vows were broken, marriages may be over BUT a child was conceived. But God has granted life … and man or woman, not now, not ever, has no right to stop it! God will draw good, perhaps great good, from this wrong action. This good, that will come through the child’s life must be allowed to win. God wills it, God demands it.

    And three million years ago, even more time perhaps, maybe before their was even human life on Earth, God knew this transgression would happen … and a child would be conceived. But in the mind of God that child was pondered and given a specific identity. That child was distinct and like no other. Loved from eternity, and wanted by God. When the child was/is born, good triumphs over evil. And that is the will of God.

    But Planned Parenthood’s knuckle-dragging solution is to murder the unborn. The innocent. That’s all the malignant can offer.

    For a fee, of course.

    I’m glad, Frizztext, I came here. I see LOTS AND LOTS OF ERROR, and FUZZY THINKING galore.

    I’m a breacher. We crush error.


    • hi Paul, I know you would find arguments based on your Catholic religion, you maybe remember, that (though I once studied theology) I’m an atheist now: related to European philosophy (from Montaigne via Voltaire to Sartre); but I like to find in the discussion a fundamentalist Catholic position too, it helps to explore a lot. During reading the lines you dropped, I remembered that English (and German) readers, not usually reading French – misspelled “JESUS CHARLIE” (je suis Charlie); but not a JESUS was in the discussion, I like that France has a non-religious basic (secularism – not related to any Marxism); maybe you are right, if you say, that feminism is related to Marxism; but more I believe, that feminism is a result, that modern women start to express themselves instead of following dull rules, that have been hatched only in men…


      • TRUE FEMINISM turns women into actualized empowered women (Mother Teresa, Jennifer … etc).

        FALSE (RADICAL) FEMINISM tries to turn women into men.

        ATHEISM is a negative, emotional reaction to God, or organized religion. Atheists don’t become atheists through a logical process — because atheism isn’t logical. So how do they arrive there?


        The Church WILL make mistakes, that is people inside the Church.

        Jesus WARNED, “Scandal is SURE to come …” so with that knowledge our response is to be … NOT scandalized.

        Those who hold onto tiny resentments are like Gollum, and that is why they are OUTSIDE the Church. Jesus told Peter about 70 X 7 but still some are not up to the task of forgiveness. even for ancient slights. One bad police officer odes not mean we get rid of the police department, from our lives!

        Jesus says, “If you wish to be a disciple of mine, you must deny yourself, take up your cross DAILY, and follow me.

        Europeans have become soft. Easier to indulge oneself daily, and read the philosophies of mortal men, which drown out the legitimate call of God.


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  8. This is really an interesting conversation with lots of different comments and viewpoints. Like you, I am not religious and I tell you, it makes me feel so much freer. I don’t have to have someone guilt me into my beliefs. I’m a good person, treat all people kindly and fairly, and give back to the world. I don’t think religion is bad. It can be very good and helpful. But when people use their religion to justify killing, treating women poorly and other things, it is just plain old wrong. I am surprised more Muslims aren’t speaking out against the extremism growing within their religion. We also have really right wing Catholics too.

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    • thank you for “when people use their religion to justify killing, treating women poorly …, it is just plain old wrong. I am surprised more Muslims aren’t speaking out against the extremism growing within their religion…”


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