Weekly Writing Challenge: Multimedia Storytelling

The last movie of the Coen brothers is titled “INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS”
photo by frizztext, saw this on a Berlin wall
I saw the movie, and maybe it is a statement against guitar players, maybe an ironic statement against a whole generation, my generation. Now nearly aged 70, the Coen brothers help me to make an ironic resume.
I’m glad, I wasn’t forced to earn my money as a guitar player, music producer, music pub owner, but the couple in the movie introducing the professor and his singing wife: that could be a parody on my own life, supporting musicians so often… – but nevertheless: I still have the courage to play a song on my guitar daily.
background music: me on my DOBRO guitar (a tribute to another movie of the Coen brothers, “man of constant sorrows” – Where art thou brother?) – visit my soundcloud “fingerstyle_guitar”!

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there you can find the quotation: “We know how to design on paper, but screens exist in a state of flux. They can change. Our old metaphors don’t necessarily hold up. So what are the mechanics of balancing all the elements in our content? What factors should be kept in mind?” Allen Tan, “Attention, Rhythm & Weight”
I’ve written a short movie-review for amazon.com:

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