Daily Prompt: Learning Style

The preferred learning methods for guitarists has changed significantly in the last decades, especially since the establishment of YouTube. When I started to learn guitar 55 years ago, a small booklet with chord diagrams was a welcome help. Then we worked following traditional notes. Then more and more tablatures (tabs) in printed manuals translated the notes, working with six lines instead of 5. Soon video cassettes and DVDs solved from the domination of the paper. Nowadays, there are lots of free online tutorials / guitar lessons on YouTube to almost every interesting composition. In the end I hope to be able to rely entirely on my inner ear without any external control.

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written guitar music
“Written Guitar Music” – photo by frizztext
1 – script, analyzing my favorite guitar player: Django Reinhardt
2 – myself, writing down some tips for fingerpicking guitar (TABLATURE system)
3 – once I fell in love with that Johann Sebastian Bach Notes, printed in Japan
4 – theory of guitar chords, 1959, the information field for my first guitar lessons
listen to me, playing Johann Sebastian Bach, Praeludium BWV 999


what I’m actually learning on my Dobro guitar – arranged as an instrumental as usual: “Jesus on the mainline” by Fred McDowell (also performed by Ry Cooder etc.) some guitar lessons and covers on YouTube related to: “Jesus on the mainline”

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