Advice At Crossroads

FrizzText: Sometimes, if you stand at crossroads, the dogma of your own thinking points to the right way . But the reality already disappeared for a long time towards the left. Or the other way around. The reality is malleable, supple, flexible, changeable. She dives secretly under the manufactured, ordered, commanded, instructed language and is always gone elsewhere. The outdated language remains like a wrong dress, without content. You have to search for the new, correctly describing language weekly.
209/365 turn left captain beaky
title=”209/365 turn left captain beaky” – photo by werewegian = Alan Stuart, Glasgow, Scotland, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on
title=”on-top-of-the-triumph” – photo by Frizztext
the blues guitarist John Lee Hooker once said in an interview: “If I had been to school, learning to read and write – I wouldn’t be, who I am now.” Frizz: that means, language sometimes can destroy our identity (so it is good at least, if we know some other “languages”: music, photography, dancing …)

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