Erotic Art by Christine Lebrasseur

Erotic art in the history of photography has been presented by some famous male photographers: Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts (both died in the meantime). Our new century should notice especially female photographers, creating a different style of erotic photography. In France became very famous: Bettina Rheims. Also a real professional working photographer is Christine Lebrasseur, living in Bordeaux. Of course she has many websites too. Take the following four black and white portraits as a typical door to her style:

1Oops !2Autocensure au ruban 3Les Promesses de l'ombre4Fille de Libreville

All rights reserved © Christine Lebrasseur

1 – Oops! Model: Audrey P. 2 – Autocensure au ruban, Model : Véronique 3 – Les Promesses de l’ombre, Model : Paho 4 – Fille de Libreville, Model: Gabrielle +

related: christine lebrasseur at flickr (English) (French)


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