About Leaving

When I played this Bob Dylan cover this morning before breakfast, I remembered that I once had similar feelings (maybe with more anger) as I left my stepfather after my mother had made suicide (because he always was beating her when he was filled up with whiskey). He grabbed his rifle when I was leaving and tried to shoot me down, but he only hit the roof of my car. I never came back, indeed. Bob Dylan sang with a kind of understatement: “You just kinda wasted my precious time” Photo: East Germany (DDR) with my “Trabi” car; I’ve escaped…

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writer, photographer, guitarist

13 responses to “About Leaving

  1. Allan G. Smorra

    This is one of my favorite Dylan tunes. Thanks for sharing your cover of it and the story behind it. I am glad he was a bad shot and that you survived to this day. Ω

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  2. What can I say after that…. Thank you

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    • dear Didier, you have some doubts, if it is wise to write in a blog like wordpress. Maybe I should leave wordpress, delete my account. Secondly you believe, SoundCloud soon will be closed. Then I would play my guitar only on my garden bench, living without any audience, we should learn this perhaps…


      • There’s no problem with writing in worpdress….Just that sometimes it was better for me to write on a more light platform for other subjects….And if Soundcloud close one day, there will be replacement solutions.
        But we can always continue to write and play music for us and our friends in real life too 😉

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  3. How could such a crazy person be the bio parent of such a lovely man?

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  4. We don’t choose our parents . . . . good to hear Bob was there for you Frizz.

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    • Dylan wrote this song when he made his tour through England, trying to get more distance to Joan Baez. And that means he developed a new distance to the socialistic civil rights movement of the sixties entering more individual, surreal burgeois concepts of the upcoming 70ies


  5. You escaped, and that is the biggest thing, Frizz. You escaped 🙂

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  6. I can hear the emotion in your voice and your fingers, Frizz. Thank goodness you managed to escape harm.

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