Joy Of Learning

Blogger Colline asked: “Do you believe you can learn anything?” – and I replied: yes, Colline, though aged 70, it still continues in my head – and I am very surprised about that – and I take it as a great gift (sent by whom?)

inspired by Colline Kook-Chun

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

14 responses to “Joy Of Learning

  1. still feel the same way… a little behind you in age…66…but, learn all of the time…sometimes useful…sometimes just for fun!
    a simple blog with a great impact!

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  2. I enjoy the result of your learning Frizz – cool sounds.

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  3. On reste toujours des apprentis, mais certains apprennent plus vite, n’est ce pas cher Frizz …?!!!

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  4. Yes, even at the end of our life, we are learning….But sometimes, people don’t want to learn, to see things with “another eye”. That’s one of the reasons I ended blogging, trying to do more on music with or doing photography again.
    And it’s walways a pleasure to listen and read some people speaking of simply…life, from paris to sydney through berlin, hanoi, dubai or so many directions.
    I created another account, Mr D especially for music so don’t be surprised to see a histozicfr on your comments sometimes 😉

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  5. Fantastic attitude! Were never too old to learn. It keeps us young. 🙂 Love your music, Frizz. 🙂

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  6. Hi Frizztext!
    I’m not getting your emails anymore!!! What happened? Is it WordPress or the new Operating System: Yosemine? Hope you get this comment. Are you lost in other artist’s blogosphere?

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