Conditions For Creativity

Neither my cat nor my stomach decides, but: if a room has a deep silence, nice light and a stylish interior, then some good ideas could flow into my brain …
PK, the next-door-neighbour, often visit our flat.
title=”PK, the next-door-neighbour, often visit our flat” – photo by Kotomi, London, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the picture to visit Kotomi’s galleries on Flickr
related: my comment in the discussion at

the room is quiet and warm, sun shines into the window, cat by my side = the best conditions to search some melodies on my guitar:

my cat is also my YOGA teacher:
my YOGA teacher

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6 responses to “Conditions For Creativity

  1. Discussion is getting very interesting, also from the perspective of finding your own ‘the best time to write’… I’ve something about it here:


  2. Thanks.

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  3. I just reminded myself that I wrote the poem of sailor over night too… if someday, I will become a biker, I will have to call myself night writer 🙂 here is the link:


  4. this is so lovely 🙂


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