Explosive Donkey Gaza Conflict

I heard actually Palestinians used in GAZA an “explosive donkey” and made him run vs. Israeli troops like a suicide bomb…
missing heart
Painting by Julie Whitmore, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT – click on the picture to visit her galleries on flickr



the painter Julie Whitmore (above) found this old postcard:
Donkey love

a donkey mother with babe in my neighborhood, far away from human madness:

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13 responses to “Explosive Donkey Gaza Conflict

  1. And to think of all the biblical stories where this poor beast was used for much greater purposes… people have no shame in their idiocy. Just like in the very beginning we are presented with more proof that man’s lack of will is easily swayed and takes him far from any possible earthly paradise….


  2. narhvalur

    The Palestinians must got the idea from the Soviets, that used suicide dogs to carry explosives to tanks.logy-and-history/the-soviet-suicide-dogs-of-wwii


  3. Is this true? I can’t bear to click the links.


  4. a little more insight into this terrible situation!…just awful!


  5. It’s not a new trick – I understand that Partizans in the old Yugoslavia did the same against the Germans in the second world war. And I guess they got the idea from other conflicts in the past.

    Every culture has different sentiments towards animals – in the UK animals that have fought alongside humans and saved lives are often awarded the Dicken Medal, which perhaps says something about our culture. The majority of recipients have been Pigeons who delivered key messages. More recently there has been an upsurge in dogs awarded the medal. The most recent recipient was Sasha – A Labrador who located 15 improvised explosive devices, mortars, mines and weapons while serving in Afghanistan, with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps. In July 2008 Sasha and her handler were killed in a Taliban ambush by a rocket-propelled grenade. Info from Wikipedia.


  6. Sometimes, I hate humans….. Poor donkey :'(:'( that animal is so intelligent and you’re right about War Horse : http://icezine.wordpress.com/2012/02/29/cheval-de-guerre/


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  8. It’s funny that using a donkey as an explosive device can upset people more than the use of humans as suicide bombers. True, the humans exercise free choice. But it’s questionable how much free will or choice is exercised by the penniless kids who volunteer to jihad themselves.


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