Musicians who supported me 2013

thanks to all the musicians, who made my fingerstyle solo guitar tracks much better 2013 collaborating with their talents:

GlennP (vocals on tracks 1 + 6)
Luzz (keyboards on tracks 2 + 4,
also on 1 with bass + accordion)
Gernot (harp on tracks 3 + 5)

photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter my flickr photo galleries
below: picture of the family of the harp player GERNOT, who kindly supported my music 2013
and thanks to my daughter Pia, who all my life tried to support my passion for guitar music, she likes (after a hard job) to relax as a singer on stage sometimes:

below, me in my favorite music pub in Wuppertal, closed now:

me with banjo player Catou Pecher in Brussels:

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

2 responses to “Musicians who supported me 2013

  1. wolfgangfoto

    i am happy with you and all your friends in the music


  2. How wondrous that you share your gift with us.


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