Prison Songs

I discovered a very good photo gallery composed by Robyn Graham about a prison state of mind. I think she made her job with great empathy.
a road of light
compare: a photo by frizztext
In the discussion with Robyn Graham I mentioned, that, after my opinion, Johnny Cash had some wrong attitudes approaching to this subject (as “Macho proudness”, silly ignorance of reality, even absurd happiness); it seems Johnny Cash launched a self promotion with his Fulsom prison visit making a clever copy of the true work of Alan Lomax, who had years before introduced Huddie Ledbetter = Leadbelly…

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6 responses to “Prison Songs

  1. Thanks for the shout out Frizz! Great conversation this morning! And yes, my heart was full of empathy when writing my post. A controversial subject, but a soul is a soul and a person a person and I can’t help but feel for the men and women who had to live in solitary confinement. Blessings to you my friend! Robyn


    • sorry, Robyn, I immediately converted my intro to
      “I think she made her job with great empathy..”
      I’ve heard, female persons more often have the capability of empathy than male “Macho” persons 🙂


  2. Very good galery, for a very good post and subject. In France, the subject of prison is in the news. ( )


  3. Great post. I grew up hearing Southern prison and work-gang songs. So glad for the Lomax field recordings and the Library of Congress.


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