Photographer to change the world!

Their curiosity and open-mindedness, their courage and their ubiquity have finally obtained by the technology of the internet the chance to bring movement in culture and politics.

P1200921 by Akbar Sim
P1200921, a photo by Akbar Sim on Flickr.
Once Akbar Simonse discovered me, playing on a Gypsy guitar in the Netherlands:
gadjo frizz by akbar simonse

then my wife discovered him, strolling through a library:
Akbar Simonse (2)
then he showed us some of graffiti he is searching for on his daily walks through Den Haag, Netherlands:
the "criticizing-cat" mob
I adore his great humor, he likes to be a good model for other photographers too!

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writer, photographer, guitarist

4 responses to “Photographer to change the world!

  1. You’re not wrong on this Frizz! Internet technology has brought such changes that the photography staff from the Chicago Sun-Times has been let go.


  2. akbarsim

    I feel so honoured!!
    Thnx! 🙂



    I don’t know how you have the energy but I never tire of what you post.


  4. Love the music, Frizz!


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