Katie’s in the Kitchen

my kid (in the thirties meanwhile) sitting in the kitchen, playing kindly songs for the grand-kids and the kitty-cat on the kitchen floor
caring for the kids
Black Cat Boogie
I was inspired to upload these two old photos (hidden in my flickr shoe-box), when I read the poem, written by ideflex from Canada at http://acrossthebored.com/2013/03/13/story-challenge-tagged-k/ – created for my weekly A to Z challenge, this week’s “tagged K”.

“Katie’s in the Kitchen
Karl is in the hall
Kaspar’s in the Kale
Kicking a yellow ball
Kaylin cuddles Kittens
Kendra’s growing tall
Kirk he sings of
Kites and Kisses
Kindred spirits
big and small…”

Isn’t it a wonderful “K”-poem, with good rhythm similar to a children’s song, which I don’t know (I’m German, you know, always surprised by the verbal acrobatics of ideflex). ideflex replied in the comments at “tagged K”: “I was thinking of a children’s song or verse when I wrote it but also of you sitting in your kitchen playing guitar – glad that came through!” So suddenly came in my mind a melody once heard from the Beatles, I fingerpicked that on my acoustic guitar:

After a while I remembered the title

“tagged K”

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9 responses to “Katie’s in the Kitchen

  1. This is a beautiful post, and Katie is lovely! So is the tune! z


    • and you, Lisa, with your colorful paintings,
      sharing each day your many talents,
      visions, and expectations about the world:
      to me you are a genuine life style changer!


      • hey! i just spilled some water while working on ‘if fish could fly,’ so i took a break! what a great sweet comment to find while on my break!


        • maybe more of us should have the courage to paint (like you or marina in Athens), to write poems (like ideflex), to shoot photos daily (like my wife Barbara), to make music (like bumba or me) – or to build houses [my daughter in the kitchen is an architect] not in the usual way – compare for example Friedensreich Hundertwasser:
          Hundertwasser Haus


          • you are so right! what a great short tribute to hundertwasser! it’s late here; while the photos were uploading, i painted for a while, checked to see that all but one uploaded, then i finished the post, and now i’m going to sleep! thanks for great food for thought – perhaps i will dream about amazingly-creative casas locas in hundertwasswer style!


  2. A sweet homey sort of post. Charming.


  3. I haven’t heard that song for so many years!


  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! It adds depth to what was once only words, an idea and images like a dream rolling around in my head… Collaboration is true art.


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