Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

So often I disliked a location, that at last my home became my writing. Home is where I can write for my daily blog: I only need a portable cocoon of communication around me like the walls of a castle … photo 1 – subway / S-Bahn Berlin / 2 – Venice, bridge / 3 – stork photo not by me, shot somewhere in Spain by “kainet” / 4 link to cat in a bird’s HOME:
urban impressions
photo by frizztext, click on the picture, to enter my galleries on flickr
Where do YOU write? When I read the article of the Japanese Blogger “cocomino” “How to write a blog in English” I was surprised, that he told, he would write during his daily train ride to Tokyo. Usually I write early in the morning before breakfast, still sitting near to my bed, just where my thoughts arise. But very often I write in a Café – I feel like being at home, when I can write in a frame of acceptance …
Outdoor Wireless Lan
photo by frizztext – watching the developments and technologies of mobile writing – wireless, nearly everywhere – with notebook, ultra-book, iPad and iPhone, fine designed portable equipment – and we could feel home now everywhere …
and what’s up with all the other nomads on earth? I wrote about them at home-with-free-electricity: it’s important, to analyze, if a location has electricity! So I adore this stork:
home with free electricity
title=”home with free electricity” by kainet, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!
link: cat in a bird’s HOME:
http://www.telegraph.co.uk: Cat in a bird’s home
Telegraph reader Marie Weitzel
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45 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

  1. I loved your interpretation! It’s good to know that we share a few things in common… with all our moving here and there… up and down… the only constant thing are the experiences with share with others, when we let them know where and how we are… and these experiences happen/become alive through… blogging! 😮 Thank you, Frizztext! 😮


  2. I do most of my writing in my head as alot of it relies on how it sounds rattling around in there – then I sit down, usually at the big computer and see how it looks, the way the words inhabit the space (to be a bit artsy)… writing on the laptop has another feel to it, the ipad is sketchy at best and my fingers are just too dull to do anything but compose a short mangled text on my iPhone… as an aside I think those people at WP are mining my old challenges for inspiration…. such is life!


  3. Great entry 😀
    Is the first photo taken on a subway? I love it.
    and the second one, is it on a bridge in Venice?
    Love the stork too.


    • 1 – subway / S-Bahn Berlin
      2 – Venice, bridge
      3 – photo not by me, shot somewhere in Spain by “kainet”
      4 – link to a cat in a bird’s home, telegraph.co.uk


  4. I write at home – very comfortably – no stress – only if I feel like it… 🙂


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  6. If I didn’t work I can see muself sitting in cafes to write but as it is I have to squeeze any time I can at my cluttered desk at home!


  7. Especially like the storks on the high wire!
    Best to you from Pittsburgh


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  11. Love the stork home!! 🙂


  12. I write at home, in a big soft comfy chair (hubby and I have side by side matching chairs), a portable computer desk, sipping green tea, and where I can view all the birds at our feeders. One entire side of this room is made of floor to ceiling windows and a glass door. We have a beautiful view of the mountains and valley also. I keep my camera nearby so I can snap photos of the birds.


  13. Home with free electricity. Love it!


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  16. some music for our topic?
    This Old House …


  17. I like your ideas of home: where ever your heart is, so to speak? 🙂


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  19. “home is, where ones heart feels well”… ***** 😉

    With a laptop you are always at home
    because you can write where and when you wish..? 😉


  20. Love the storks!! Thanks for the pingback 🙂


  21. I still write a blog in trains


  22. I do everything at home…all of our Businesses, my blogs and I love it. Thank you for the pingback and for visiting my blog. Thank you for sharing your insight on how you also write and what is home. Loved it.


  23. love the stork and the Vdub photos.


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  25. When do I write?
    i drive for a living. Gives me time to think. I write right when I get home. I forget to make dinner. I eat later than I should.
    Love the stork photo.


  26. Great picture of a bird home. I write on my computer at home in a room I call my media room, it has 3 computers in it.


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  28. Great photos, good interpretation!


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  30. The stork nest is amazing! Nice post!


  31. I love these little glimpses of home, both visual and verbal.


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