Travel Theme: Walls

Ailsa’s travel theme: walls
The Berlin Wall was built on August 13th in 1961. The Berlin Wall fell 1989. Since more than twenty years we enjoy the peaceful reunification of West and East Germany. Still important for me, because my mother lived on the other side of the “Iron Curtain“.
Escape, 1989/Nov/9
Let’s forget all those people, killed, as they tried to escape from East Germany. It’s open now …
Nowadays the Berlin Wall was transformed into an interesting gallery, the “East Side Gallery” –
I took 4 photos below, featuring people, passing by the Berlin Wall …
East Side Gallery with traffic 4Berlin Wall Gallery with traffic 3
leaving paradisegallery passing
all photos by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter his galleries on


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10 responses to “Travel Theme: Walls

  1. Theme well chosen ! Photos well done. Compliments .


  2. Amy

    I’m honored to be listed on your post. Thank you, Frizz!
    The people who ricked their lives showed us freedom is larger than live. Thus, they are and will not be forgotten.
    Yep, well done and well chosen, as always.


    • I was divided by the wall 40 years from my mother – and in the meantime the societies drifted so far out of reach, that it was nearly impossible, to find a bridge. My mother committed suicide 1989 …


      • one of my daughters, an architect, lives in Berlin, driving daily from East (Friedrichshain) to West (Kreuzberg) – and the social gap is still big (though the wall is open more than 20 years)…


      • Amy

        The post WWII agreement among the three leaders did not really bring freedom and peace to people, say the least…


  3. Excellent post… 😉


  4. It’s interesting that they chose to do artwork on the wall. I think it softens the history behind it. Maybe …???? Something to think about.


  5. I will never forget an invitation to the Axel Springer house in the 80’ies which stood directly next to the wall. From up there we could see the military – east and west – running around with binoculars and guns. Scary! I never liked driving from West- to East-Germany in those days… Happy it’s over, although the wall is still in many people’s heads!


  6. Excellent for the theme. Such a stark change with the wall – then versus now.


  7. my cousin wrote a book Beyond the wall by Dinah Dodds knowing women on the east side and visiting them years later after the wall came down. . She wrote about their stories before and after the fall.


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