design and identity

Design is the new religion, I think. The museums are the new cathedrals. The fashion shops nowadays are the locations for modern worships. Our identity, framed by a new design, maybe not will change …
eggedKing Frizz
above: me, sitting in different chairs:
left: in Berlin – right: in Venice

Hair + Chair
Baroque Paradox
4 photos by Barbara Fritze (except twitpic’s pink chair)

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19 responses to “design and identity

  1. That pink chair is outrageous.


  2. I like design, and I’m smiling–because I agree with you that Milan, Paris, NYC fashion designers stores are like meccas for some people calling them to worship in their stores. I’m smiling because architectural design sometimes has that affect on me. 🙂


  3. those are all fun! this post makes one smile!



    LOVE>LOVE >LOVE the red chair!! WANT…..would most likely break it : )0



    WAIT- King Frizz- that chair was meant for you!!


  6. A thought like some I’ve had too. The world is always in flux, but the changes now seem profound and fast.


  7. I don’t know – you get going with chairs and you find there are a lot out there!


  8. You’ve expressed ideas I have had recently as I watch the global culture. It’s interesting to see this shift in what and where people worship.


  9. Which seat do you prefer?


  10. I agree with you. Design world fascinates… In Berlin, in the chair you seem so cool, but in Venice, like a king 🙂 beautiful photographs. The pink one, it could be just a decoration for me, maybe I put flowers or my toys on it 🙂
    Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia


  11. I love chairs and your Venice shot is terrific! Love Barbara’s photos too. 🙂 Happy February! 😉


  12. Peripatetic Eric

    It is amazing the difference in the feeling between the two photos of you in the chairs. One evoking power, like a king, and the other a more introverted withdrawn feeling. All because of the chair.


  13. Taiwanda

    That pink chair is so unique! I wonder if it’s just art or is it meant for actual sitting.


  14. wolfgangfoto

    nice idea
    great shots

    an older interpretation of this theme:



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