Animals want to visit a supermarket

Working for my daily Photography Media News I discovered again a new project of Agan Harahap: He featured animals walking through supermarkets like human beings do. I think you would be surprised to meet there a deer or a rabbit, a zebra or even a tiger. I never saw those animals buying in a supermarket – only a dog and a cat, fixed at home – but in their eyes I could read the wish: take us with you into the supermarket – let’s sniff some fish or meat!
title=”Honeymooners” by Frizztext, click on the picture to enter my galleries on Flickr
Agan Harahap: + + +

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15 responses to “Animals want to visit a supermarket

  1. That would be some kind of world, I would make my pet do all my shopping for me lol


  2. The gallery of photos is great – amazing how it’s the birds that look the most comfortable- love the bunny in the lettuce like a Beatrix potter illustration…


  3. Many cities in California are pet friendly. Most pet stores allow you to bring in your pets. Every time I go get dog food, I take my dog. He loves it! He picks out his own special treat.


  4. i love the photo, made me smile, so cute 🙂


  5. ha ha! i once saw a show on TV where a person’s pet penguin went to the fish market for them wearing a back pack… It made me want a penguin.


  6. Nice idea
    Well done by Agan
    But I
    Love your snap shot more


  7. Dogs really like to just be where their people are.


  8. Yeah and animal fitness centers too
    so went the dog there to exercise itself… 😉


  9. Thankfully there are still some innocent beings who don’t have to buy! Free to them!
    I remember you wonderful “Honeymooners”. Some images just stay with you!


  10. I love this one! Wonderful. 🙂 Thanks for posting.


  11. Amy

    Love your shot! Adorable 🙂


  12. Alice

    Next they will be clipping coupons…yes, they would love to go to the market.


  13. some beautiful shots , so elegant in their new backdrops. Animals are great, II know the dog is waiting for someone to come home – not sure the cat is.


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