Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard

Sometimes we were hit by certain photos, because we suddenly understood: this could have a metaphorical meaning too: for example this little cat, young, with great trust in the surroundings, should develop soon some skepticism too …
Be careful...
title=”Be careful…” photo by = Thomas Leuthard, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr! The Swiss photographer Thomas Leuthard offers some flickr sets, some e-books, you can download a PDF-version for free! You can also find his deep philosophical style to feature the possibilities of street photography at twitter, blurb – and youtube, for example:

Urban Moments by 85mm

Collecting Souls


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7 responses to “Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard

  1. I hope that truck doesn’t move. Nice shot!



  2. Great capture of this kitten. Wonderful photo!! 😉


  3. Adorable photo. I’m sure that kitty didn’t say still for long. 🙂


  4. Imagine being that good!


  5. Wonderful collection of street photos.
    However, the cat photo brought back a terrible, traumatic memory.


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  7. Carol B Sessums

    This is an awesome shot. Yeah, kitty is a bit young and trusting but in time (not long), that will all change.


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