Riding Two Horses – 2

“Aranjuez LOOP”: I bought an e-guitar and played a solo over my old acoustic fingerpicking guitar chords – so now you can hear me two times in the same track: first fingerpicking on my acoustic guitar, then secondly me, flying with my new e-guitar searching for a second melody: I felt some triumph like a bird, using those new “LOOP”-technologies!
Trojan Horses
the LOOP-technology = playback, two times me riding my horse on the same track!
C.G. Jung quotation:
“…There can be no transforming
of darkness into light
and of apathy into movement
without emotion…”
found at http://fergiemoto.wordpress.com/2012/01/19/addressing-emotional-pain-2-tools/

6 responses to “Riding Two Horses – 2

  1. that was an awesome photo,,,,,,,,,riding two horses at the same time, very clever!!


  2. loop works very well!!!!
    As always, beautiful interpretation! :-)


  3. Love your music… very soothing. ;-)


  4. Lovely, Frizz!
    And thank you for the link.


  5. I love the way you connect the playing to the photo.
    Perfect ….


  6. An e-guitar? That´s interesting. Thanks for making my job so pleasant with your music, that´s how I’m starting my job activities today ;)


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