C’est si bon

“C’est si bon” – recorded by Louis Armstrong, 1949; words & music by Andre Hornez & Henry Betti, English lyric by Jerry Seelen: Still it’s heart touching, when Louis Armstrong (R.I.P.) sings for us on youtube: “C’est si bon – lovers say that in France – when they thrill to romance – it means: it’s so good…” Yves Montand, Eartha Kitt or Mireille Mathieu also made a version, but I prefer (because I like to play Gypsy style swing guitar) the A minor versions (good for guitar players) of Joscho Stephan or “Hot Swing” or “Café Caravan” – enjoy the youtube versions below – soon maybe I’ll upload my own guitar instrumental version … Bm Bbm Am D G …
1) hot swing

2) cafe caravan

3) joscho stephan

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24 responses to “C’est si bon

  1. Once again,Frizz, you have hit upon one of my favorite performers in America in the 20th Century in the person of Louis Armstrong! Thank you!


  2. You have hit a soft spot with this one, Firzz. My husband,who is a musician, introduced to Louis Armstrong when we first met in 1963. From the first, I thought he was the best. His trumpet laying is pure heaven. Where are the new great jazz musicians??? Thanks for posting this – it took me down memory lane.


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  4. Takes me right back to childhood, Louis was the best, this and Wonderful World!


  5. I love it! Louis Armstrong is also one of my old favourites


  6. I love Louis Armstrong.


  7. This is one of my favorite Louis songs. No one – no one – can match the style with which he sings this. Thanks for reminding me of this tune.


  8. Madelaine

    Don’t forget the incomparable Josephine Baker


  9. beautifull……….


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