Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

GROW: Waves, buildings, and shadows grow… but so can plants, animals and: people! I adore the kids if they are consequently developing their capabilities: a good concept!
skateboard girl
photo taken in Wuppertal, Germany, by frizztext; for more click on the picture to visit his flickr photo stream … related: flickrcomments.wordpress.com: the weekly photo challenges!weekly-photo-challenge: Growth
“love ‘action’ shots, poetry in motion, the arms out for balance and free flowing hair…” (by John);

“At home in the air like a California-girl: What a terrific action-shot!” (by Will Wilson, San Francisco);

“This girl should be proud to have such a picture of her…” (by Lionswood);

“I love the action / portrait combo, and especially the pink hue running down her arm” (by chtyson);

“U know sum gurls look good wen they sk8” (by FlyBoy);

“Growing one’s abilities–love this interpretation of the “grow” challenge!” (by granbee / Rose);

“I hope she never forgets how capable she is and that she flies forever!” (by Patti Kuche);

“I’ve been overwhelmed more than once by the amazing growth of kids this age.They just pick something and go for it. Kinda like photographers.” (by Nantucket Tie Chic)

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