Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE

Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE – example: artful stairway painting in my hometown Wuppertal, Germany; how to follow in your own hometown this idea by Professor Horst Gläsker? He used a public stairway to write (German) words describing the relationship between human beings: terror + love, prosecution + trust, despair + hope, revenge + kiss – and so on… – read my blog article TOWER OF BABEL at flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/tower-of-babel/
matrimonial climax, Wuppertal
photo by frizztext; click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries …
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click on the pictures to enter the flickr galleries of frizztext:
scala-of-traffic+Scala (2)+22 translations / GATHE
talk about LOVE, Gathe-1978+rainbow figures+matrimonial climax, Wuppertal
Rainbow Stairways+colored stairway, Gathe-2008+SCALA
For these rainbow staircase the artist chose the title “SCALA” –
not only a scala of colors, also a scala of feelings in a relationship,
a scala of climax if two fall in love to each other…

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