clever cats

Some cats are very clever! Some can read (photo below: Max) others can play piano (watch the youtube video featuring Nora) – others make you poor, if you bet against them in a shelly game! My own cat Emily likes to comment sport events!
title=”Max” by Found Animals, click on the picture to enter the galleries on Flickr or go directly to

my cat Emily:

cat in a bird-house: Cat in a bird’s house
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clever Greek cat “Glyfxburg”
Κου Κλοι Κλαν @Glyfxburg
[does that mean Ku Klux Klan?]
Εξω οι ασχημοι απο την χωρα
[?Outside the ugliness of the country?]
– he took one of my photos
without a link to me as author (but should …)

some clever cats in Venice,
photo by my wife Barbara:
raining cats & dogs...
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