Working Conditions

The working conditions in Africa, Asia, and increasingly in Europe are more and more unfair from year to year. Few enjoy pure luxury, but a large part of the population is treated in a cynical and cold manner by employers. So I remembered last night an old Work Song (1928), the ballad from John Henry …
1 – me, searching for the melody in the middle of the night on my old guitar:

2 – Odetta:

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5 responses to “Working Conditions

  1. I must say I prefer your guitar to the Odetta!


    • nothing compares to the voice of Odetta, dear Gilly Gee, you’re kind to me, because you know I like the simple sound of the grandfathers of fingerpicking guitar – for example:
      Furry Lewis, 1928


  2. Well your version, Frizz, is definitely the most soothing at 7.30 am, but I love this selection. Odetta’s voice seems to come from the roots of the earth, and emerges like a geothermal blast. Have seen her on the brilliant DVD of the Newport Jazz Festival, (Jazz on a Summer’s Night???); she makes my spine tingle all the way up into my brain. I had not heard Furry Lewis before, but the first thought that came to mind when I listened to your clip was Bob Dylan. I know, according to the Dylan legend, that in his early days he dropped out of sight for ages while he listened to a pile of old blues records ‘borrowed’ from a friend, and then re-emerged with his new fully fledged style that made everyone’s jaw drop – I think Furry Lewis must have been among those records?? Thank you for this morning’s musical selection.


  3. 🙂 grande amico!!!
    wonderfulll music,and video!!!
    a kiss


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