Our Need for Shelter

I’m daily considering, what is an important subject and what not. And not always the top ranking topic is the one we should focus on in the future. I like this article about houses …

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Shelter is one of our basic needs: it is a place that can protect us from the elements, keep us warm and safe, and give us the encouragement to satisfy our other needs. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, shelter is one of the requirements for addressing our physiological needs (along with the need  food, water, air, sleep, sex). Maslow represented the human’s physiological needs as the base of a triangle to show that meeting these needs are the most important in our lives. If these needs are not met, the individual may only be able to focus on meeting their physiological needs and not feel motivated to move towards self-actualization.

Man’s shelters, though, come in many different forms depending on a person’s social status or circumstances. The wealthy provide many bedroomed mansions for themselves and their family. The rooms are richly decorated and the spaces within are light, large and airy. The occupants do…

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5 responses to “Our Need for Shelter

  1. Dragged that right onto my desk top read every day. . . . . . . . .


  2. Well. that was life changing… congratulations Dr. Frizz : )



    • Maslow’s ranking pyramid of needs was always in my mind since decades, and it influenced the decisions for the lifestyle we’ve chosen. To own a house, waste money with tourism: never our goal. A simple apartment, healthy food – and much time for writing, reading, discussions. We put our money into the communication sector, had our focus to the top of the pyramid, because we were not fenced in by some bad illness, cancer for example, friends died – we still are living – what more?


  3. Compliments master
    I take my hat off


  4. My ideal life is to satisfy the top two elements of the pyramid…


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