the subliminal power of fashion

The photographer Xavier J. Peg titled his presentation of the hat designer Ferdinand Faucheux, “An Exercise in Opulent Restraint”. “Opulent restraint” is as much a paradox as a heavy Wild boar hat on a delicate Southern lady – or an European hat designer in an U.S. chapel with the name “Zion Bathed in the Blood” / CME Apocalyptic Baptist Church. As paradoxical as outrageous aggression and elitist attitude against market-driven, easy saleability to the general clientage. But perhaps the power of subliminal fashion is always based on the capability to have no fear of contact with paradoxes. Arrogant, where you should be humble. In the attitude of false humility, where it actually would do well, if you were sincere and friendly.
An Exercise in Opulent Restraint
title=”An Exercise in Opulent Restraint” – photo by Studio d’Xavier, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter Xavier J. Peg’s galleries on or visit is excellent website

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