Unlock your memory bank

Terence Conran, the interior design guru, writes in his book “EASY LIVING” (1999), that we should collect in our home objects, which could “help to unlock the memory bank and identify what makes us feel good.” So on my sideboard you can see a banjo, a clock, a little king, an old typewriter. Aged 14 I started to play banjo and looking back: music often in my lifetime helped me to feel free. Aged 16 I started to write daily: a big support to identify, what I am living for. The clock: A remembrance to the clock we saw in the Central Station in Manhattan. The king? An ironical gift by my wife. Featuring me, she said. Making the reality test, paradoxically she is the king (I say). P.S.: Do you have some objects surrounding you, which help, to unlock your memory bank???
photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…

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