Tractor Time

the red tractor
photo by Frizztext

Some people have friends. Human beings. Others have pets. Cats. Dogs, horses, some even dolphins. Others only have flowers. Some of us only have things. Collecting cups. Or stones, found at the coast. But there are things, which seem to live: Automobiles, aircrafts, ships – or even tractors. I found at youtube a tractor who is the drummer of a country music group in Sweden …

Sweet Georgia Brown med traktorkomp” uploaded by janakeragnar, views: 1.538.730!

Actually the German magazine STERN features the photographer “Artofdan”, Switzerland, and his series “Farmer Girl” where he let some female nude models perform several poses on a tractor. Tractors and human beings – that seems to become a never ending love story … P.S.: don’t follow the link, if you don’t like this style of photography [for me as a guitarist: my favorite is the youtube tractor country music above]; link to the erotic series:

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another happy country song, performed by the Zac Brown Band: Knee Deep

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