Aerial Photography Above Germany

I adore the work of the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Now a German team tried to create something similar – but, sorry to say – without the political message of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, that mankind is going to destroy the resources of our planet, acting to often without any thinking; but the German movie “DEUTSCHLAND VON OBEN”, actually in the cinemas, features via modern GPS technologies the global migration routes very interesting too; also the movie introduces some romantic little cities – those which were not destroyed by bombs in the world wars I and II. I cannot show the movie below – but seven aerial photos by myself (a private hobby) – and then three shots by the professional successful German photographer Klaus Leidorf!
light flight

2Berchtesgaden Jenner hangglider3Olympic Park, Munich, daylight
4Munich5helicopter below
6Berlin Bridge7red train to Berlin

above: 7 photos made by frizztext (myself):
1 – Jänner Mountain, Hanggglider, Berchtesgaden
2 – Jänner Mountain, Hanggglider, Berchtesgaden
3 – Olympia-Stadion, Munich, with caroussell
4 – Munich, light blue well in the center of the city
5 – a POLICE helicopter, our Boeing 737 flew higher
6 – Berlin, Spree river + Oberbaumbrücke (red brick bridge)
7 – Berlin, red train entering the “Museums-Insel”
below: 3 photos made by the German photographer Klaus Leidorf
more at
aerial photography: click on the pictures to enter the galleries of Klaus Leidorf…

Forest Island+Parasols
Mirror-like, Red Car - 13


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