Converting Old Datas

As a photographer I’m trying to convert my old dia slides and paper prints to digital files – and as a musician I’m trying to convert old vinyls, tape recorders, cassettes and MDs to modern digital files. Actually trying to update my sessions on this multitrack MD recorder from 1999 – visit my soundcloud exploring some results:
during home recording with my Spanish guitar teacher Cristina Rico I made a joke and added vocals in an unknown language – because it was too difficult for me to follow her with my guitar

Janusz, he came from Poland, so much younger than me – and already dead since so many years, R.I.P. – maybe my upload brings his talent alive again? Feel free to download, add your instrument, upload again, send link… – chords: D /// etc. C Em D

before I fell in love with fingerstyle blues guitar, I tried to learn classical guitar; this was my last trial to play the famous prelude of Johann Sebastian Bach, BWV 999; my tribute to him R.I.P. I hope he would forgive me my many failures … (14 years ago, 2000)

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