“There is little choice in a barrel of rotten apples.” ~ William Shakespeare ~ The photographer Antoinette / colorfulexpressions commented to the painting below: “The Coopers (1970, 94 by 126 inches) – In the Portland Museum of Art hangs this mixed-media construction by Charles DuBack which portrays 14 barrel-makers from Waldoboro, Maine.
In somewhat of a trompe I’oeil manner, the artist mixes painted renderings of the seated and standing men with affixed elements as a pair of suspenders, dungarees, a plastic bouquet and fabricated wood heads and arms.”
posing for a barrel of laughs
title=”posing for a barrel of laughs” – uploaded by colorfulexpressions = Antoinette, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter her galleries on
Frizztext: I’ve always really liked the irony of Shakespeare in his comedies. As Allyson Mellone, New York, was currently talking about the Shakespeare plays in Central Park, I remembered not only the wonderful performances that we enjoyed there for two years, but also deeper digging, noticed that I during my students time was standing on stage in some Shakespeare plays. “JULIUS CAESAR” is to me as a pleasant memory [I played the CRASSUS]. My first and lasting encounter with irony, after Julius Caesar having been previously discussed in Latin class of the high school with bitterly serious pathos. “If Jesus and Caesar would suddenly meet, they would, I believe, share a smile.” Maybe a quotation by Shakespeare. Or Arthur Schnitzler. I’ll google…
Actually I’ve published a book via blurb, featuring some of the thoughts, comments, discussions, statements of my daily blog: fragments and feedbacks, June-2013 US $12.10

14? or 12? Missing two! Hanged?

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