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“Water has not any wooden bridges” (Wasser hat keine Balken) – is a German saying, which means, that life is a dangerous thing, risky, and you can’t feel safe always. Of course they told in the bible, that Jesus could walk over the water. But I can’t. My wife today took the earliest flight of Lufthansa today to help my daughter in Munich. My daughter fell ill there. I’ll stay home with my cat. I need the distance to stay calm. Like in this photo shot: I looked down from the balcony of a very high hotel. While this bold sports man was riding the wild waves when cold wind was blowing from the east (North Atlantic, Zandvoort, Netherlands) – me, on the other hand, sat, as they call it, ‘high and dry’, didn’t get sandblasted on the beach, had a cup of tea in my hand, on the table a little book to write in the mood of distance – the only safety I could organize in my life …
1) photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…
2) this topic about the unsafe water (unsafe life) came in my mind during the yesterday’s discussions of my post – especially with Cris …
3) The photo below was shot by one of our friends, who recently took an airplane to Japan – with no problems. On the other hand not every location in Japan is safe – as the world must notice 2011 – and Japan still is suffering! My own life is not very risky
4) I read, that Juri Gagarin, the first human being in space, had a 40% chance to return healthy. He had luck. But nevertheless he died aged 34 making a test of an airplane. I’m aged 66 now and very thankful for that…

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