What a wonderful world

I really enjoy these A to Z challenges on every Tuesday, and I hope my readers will follow the next turn 2014 too: I’m always surprised by other readers’ points of views; coming from different countries and cities and personal fates etc. we can find so different perspectives and experiences and lifestyles, if we take time to follow the links! This week, the challenge was related to the letter “W”, Isadora, manifesting thoughts in New York inspired me to search for the melody of WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD on my banjo, = my little tribute to Louis Armstrong and to all those people who still have the optimism to enjoy the world – whatever sometimes they have to suffer …

Café Blues

photo was shot by my wife Barbara in a Starbucks Café, SOHO, Prince Street, Manhattan – a wonderful place to rest and write and read and think – listening to blues music, drinking coffee (even tea), using a notebook via Wireless Lan – watching people going by. On the wall: a large, expressive portrait of Louis Armstrong; this photo had nearly 12,000 views in my flickr stream …


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