Weekly Photo Challenge: ONE


roof-climbing photo by Frizztext

If you discover, that you are ONE, free, able to realize your own dreams, climbing up with your developed talents: then this will be the step into freedom. A slave feels that there are many. A dictator uses many slaves to make him feel important. An individual feels: ONE. No beasts above me. No one under my pressure, who suffers because treated badly by me. I am ONE. Hey, is that the lonesome cowboy feeling?

I sold this photo to the advertising company “zeichen-und-taten” in Berlin and gave 70% of the money to the bold climber. Now this girl is on a poster supporting a BERLIN newspaper …

view my slide show, featuring the whole action: and you will notice, that she is not alone. Maybe this is my subtle message: it’s easier to do such a job with a friend, NOT alone. being alone is sad… more at: https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/free-climbing-lesson/

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