Train To Berlin

Diary December 15th: Suicide, train, Margot Käßmann, Karl Dönitz, submarine, Laconia disaster, 1942, Spandau Prison, Berlin, Pamela Falcon, Percy Duke “Percival”, Purple Rain, Prince, The Voice Of Germany, TV
[take the photo (shot by my wife) as a metaphor for my following diary words: there’s a shade behind all lights]
Our train was 90 minutes late. A young man had made suicide jumping suddenly on the railroad track waiting behind a curve in a tunnel. The driver of the engine still was shocked. All passengers too. We discovered a lonesome woman on a bench waiting quietly. She was the famous German ex-bishop Margot Käßmann. We talked with her about suicide short before Christmas. Three and a half hours later, the train made 250 km/h again, I remembered, because we came near to Spandau Prison, the discussion of the evening before I had: with the grandson of Karl Dönitz (leader of Germany after Hitler’s death). He (like us) had seen the movie about the submarine / U-boat U-156,shooting down the ship Laconia. After that human disaster (the German submarine U-156, trying to rescue many people from the ship Laconia, was attacked by US-bombers) Karl Dönitz gave the order, not to rescue enemies swimming in the ocean. 1942. The train reached Berlin. Thousands of bureaus with light. Countless merry-go-rounds: Christmas time. In the bed of the Hotel room on TV my local hero Pamela Falcon lost her singer’s battle versus Percy Duke called  Percival, they had – in the TV channel Pro7 show called “The Voice Of Germany” – to perform PURPLE RAIN by Prince. Another day was gone.

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