Basic Rights

Discussing with Shimon in Jerusalem about basic demands I wrote the reply: “…when I do have food and clothing, and a roof over my head, I have no further need to accumulate more and more money…” – this for the material part. And the other half? What at least? Camera, internet connection, guitar?
Strike Cat =^..^=
or to choose more non-material terms for the other, the spiritual side:
– freedom of speech (and writing, publishing)
– dignity, sovereignty
– the right to do things slowly?
– a veto right to say no, to ignore, to block?
looking to the modern conflicts in Arabia, Turkey, Russia etc. it seems that cats have solved the problems already long ago, but some human societies are still fighting for …
~ ~ ~
below: me, fighting for the right to play cat music on my guitar – and to say “NO!” to some other plans like earning more and more money, bombastic goals of tourism etc.

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