Tibet in my mind now

Manja Dessel
Manja Dessel, painter, portrait by Frizztext
the female painter looks to her little group
of yak cattle (right side) climbing up
the Himalaya mountains

Each city has probably somewhere a location, where we meet artists. With Vernissage, the painter, a few musicians, the distinguished guests. With a few drinks and a little snack. This is also in my hometown. Yesterday the female painter Manja Dessel and the guitarists Detlef Neuls and Markus Gahlen in the “Medienzunft” of the movie-director Claus Barteczko. But it is not so that everything could not look beyond the local horizon. The painter was in Tibet, the musicians visited the west coast of the USA. Artists take the world into their souls to bring them home. Just returned they open their baggage. The painter brought oil paintings and a humorous tale from Tibet. The guitarists the sound of San Francisco.

fragments of two paintings, oil on canvas, TIBET series, by Manja Dessel
Monks in red+Himalaya
The guitar duo Detlef Neuls and Markus Gahlen playing some blues during a vernissage for the painter Manja Dessel in the gallery MEDIENZUNFT of Claus Barteczko, Hattingen, Germany

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