photo by Akbar Simonse, The Netherlands

This dog sits, where he is not allowed to sit. Forbidden. No permission. This photo was shot in The Netherlands. People, living there, have more courage – or more civil rights – than people in other nations. So we are surprised in Europe to notice, what’s going on in Tunisia. Young people do not, what the president or the police would like. So I read in the GULFNEWS:
The North African nation has been gripped by more than two weeks of protests over unemployment that were sparked when a young man set himself on fire, in despair after police confiscated the fruits and vegetables he sold without a permit. The unrest has led to three deaths. The latest protests broke out in Thala, 250 kilometers southwest of the capital.
via Press This-function of wordpress: gulfnews : New unrest breaks out in Tunisia

frizz-comment: For sure, the youth in TUNISIA never read THOREAU, the American philosopher: read wikipedia “On the Duty of Civil Disobedience” or myself at blogfrizz about THOREAU – but nevertheless, they have the courage in their hearts. or maybe it is not courage, it is despair.

P.S.: I’ve heard they have used the slogan “bread, freedom, dignity”. And I’ve heard, that wikileaks had published before some cases of corruption in Tunisia …
more at: information-wars

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