If there is snow, we sometimes might feel we would live in a Tundra. A city tundra in my case and in the Tokyo photo by David Hufford below. “City Tundra” was the term created by Patti Kuche in NYC staring into a white, empty and icy Central Park. Chatting we developed the metaphor, that there exists also a “tundra state of mind” (till we meet someone who creates a warm atmosphere). The philosopher Nietzsche said: “To develop a metaphor is like to develop a new thought”, a new point of view, a new resume. Yes I had in my lifetime the pleasure to be the slave of some persons with a “tundra state of mind” – till I managed to free myself again. And for sure there are whole states we should classify as a social tundra. Somalia maybe? North Korea? The feminist Rita Banerji in Calcutta is very angry about the disregard of women’s rights in India. The social tundra in India.


Title=”成人の日” – photo by drichi2006 = David Hufford, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT!, click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com – the photographer David Hufford comments himself: “I went to Jiyugaoka on a snowy Seijin no Hi. There, I found snow and a young lady all dressed up for Seijin no Hi.”

my “T”-song for today? “T” for Texas, T for Tennessee, T for Thelma, the girl who made a wreck out of me (for sure some women could answer with a guy who’s name was Theodor):

… and today I’ll learn to sing a song of TAMPA RED – see you tomorrow…

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