Pigeon Blues

I like the photo of Enrico Colussi: a portrait of a pigeon = that’s the point of view which a street guitarist like me often shares – pigeons often had been the only souls who noticed me, sitting there in a blue state of mind… background music: me, fingerpicking my acoustic guitar (it’s a tribute to Mark Knopfler’s “MARBLETOWN”)
photo by “kilometro 00” = Enrico Colussi, Treviso, Italy, click on the picture, to enter his galleries!

once I wrote to Enrico Colussi: “I like to play blues guitar and sometimes I sat down on a street and played on my Dobro. Feeling blue I always noticed the pigeons – and I adored them, though walking, they could take their wings for a ride up up and away…”



a few times in my life I had to sit down on the ground, because my knees got weak, so as my mother had done her suicide or as I had to leave New York again or as I had a heart attack (visiting the city Wuppertal); but then always I was eye to eye with those other animals: birds, little dogs, cats – and I lost my sadness and decided to rise again; just as Paul McCartney sang: Blackbird: take your broken wings and learn to fly… – animals often helped me; they have a philosophical perseverance – and they believe, they will overcome…
A spasso per Villanova (Strolling around Villanova)
title=”A spasso per Villanova (Strolling around Villanova)” – photo by Gufoblu = Sergio Pani, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! – click on the picture to enter his galleries on Flickr.com



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