Erotic Trends

asymmetry Originally uploaded
by jonathan charles

to a photo of Jonathan Charles “asymmetry” I’ve written the comment: evolution in fine arts nude photography from the sixties till now + about the traditional vs modern approach to nude photography and sexuality:

the advantage of a more open acceptance of sexuality has made, that there is more courage: of the photographers, the models, the viewers, customers, the publishing print companies, the Internet social networks …

From 1960 to 2010, there are of course developments. Not just political or technical, artistic or sociological, legal or anarchist. How could one make this clear in the field of erotic photography? The gradually increasing acceptance of eroticism in the public from 1960 – 2010 has provided more courage not only for models and photographers, but also to the publishers and consumers, in the film industry and the museums. Worldwide. There is a small bastion there: the Islam-dominated countries. They prefer to employ young men in that way, that they support the mythology, that there in heaven seven virgins are waiting to say welcome to every single suicide bomber.

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