Waste container is waiting

I’m 65 now and the question is: what is the result after all? what to save for the children,
what is trash, which we should throw away into a dumpster / waste container.
my dream: to collect the most important things in a little book-shelf. or even in a little
script-book. or online, using my wordpress account? possible. the last solution would be good,
if they send me one day into a home for the aged, one bed, one drawer beside the bed. I would
not put a bible in there. I would like to wrote my own bible, a sum of life-experiences.
(It’s a personal bible for me to be amused, when I am in a hospital at my very end.
Actually I produce the first pages, printing some of my wordpress posts …
first 10 pages: https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/favorite-articles/)
1organizing possessions2year-after-year
3Y = yellow4writer's home, right
all photos by by Frizztext
inspired by http://pakos.me/2011/06/28/what-does-it-take-for-you-to-de-clutter/

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