Story Challenge: Letter “T”

Hi Bloggers! Do you have to share a story or a short reflection tagged with the letter “T”? For example I’ve written about TRACKS (read below) and typewriters, Tacitus or Taiwan, T-shirts and tornados, Tunisia or Turkey, about terrorism and the Twin Towers, the Titanic and the East German car TRABI, about trains and tanks, Toronto and Thykydides, testosterone and translations, theology and tits, tractor rhythms and tango dancers, twitter and tumblr, trombones and trumpets etc. – I’m sure you’ll find an own story or a short reflection tagged with “T”! Feel free to add in the comments the link to your personal interpretation of the letter “T”!!!


Year after year passes – and we leave a track like this swan too, metaphorically. What is the result? And what is the sum of our parents and other ancestors? What will be the résumé of our lives for our own kids and grandchildren? Which of your footprints, prints, actions, decisions should be mentioned, when you are dead and gone?
Tracks photo by Shuggie / Karl Williams, click on the picture to enter her galleries on Flickr: P.S.: he told me: “it’s in much demand as a Christmas card – for the 3rd year in succession with a variety of publishers – not bad for a lucky grab shot!”
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