Top 3 Videos

Erica Johnson at started her latest article with the sentence: “Congratulations on completing month four of the challenge!” Yes, I’m a member too of the “POST A DAY 2011” action! Well, following her at I agree “to celebrate being thirty three percent done with Post a Day,” and therefore (her advice!) I’ll analyzed my stats, finding top three favorite posts that I’ve published since starting the “POST A DAY 2011”-challenge. I found out as three top ranking sites:

Visiting the posts again, I noticed that all three have included a video:
1 the Pina Bausch / Wim Wenders movie trailer
2 the interview featuring my wife, a female beauty photographer
3 a Youtube video, criticizing the war in Afghanistan – with a Russian point of view.

so here they are again:

1 Pina Bausch movie trailer

2 Interview with my wife about erotic photography

3 Youtube politics, film vs. war in Afghanistan

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