1953-1963, first failures

1953 - storytelling
photo featuring me, aged seven, 1953 in my German hometown Wuppertal,
shot by a newspaper journalist who made a story
about one of my first failures 🙂

1963 memories

we are all human beings who managed to overcome somehow – once, 1953, I was in danger, aged 7, as I had climbed up a long stairway in a ruined house and found no way back because many steps were missing (bombs of the WW II in Germany); a fireman’s emergency team arrived with a long ladder – very expensive for my parents to pay;
aged 17, 1963, I swam in the river Rhine between big ships – very dangerous. as I came back to my clothes on the shore after two hours: water police was waiting.
aged 22 me and my girl friend tried to cross a lake in the night (long distance swimmer‘s challenge); romantic, the moonlight, the silence; but it was very cold and my girl friend got weak; after we’ve been saved I decided to take care of myself and my loved ones …

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.
I was born 1945

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